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hi We thrive on customer satisfaction and you can sense it all over Phonology. It is our core fundamental value and we thrive to deliver. The moment you become our client, we assure you that you will experience a business phone system which is unique at Phonology. Our Customer Success team with years of cumulative expertise will work relentlessly to turn your business into truly a success story.

The Desktop App or The Phono Business Desktop is a free application that extends all the power and control of your phone system to your computer desktop. This highly productive app comes with a suite of free plug­ins that boost business productivity. Additional plug­ins are also available for a low monthly payment. When you download the Desktop App, you are potentially empowering yourself to have complete insight into each incoming and outgoing phone call.

Staying connected to your network and potential customer base is essential for your business to flourish and bring maximum productivity. And the Phone Business Mobile App does exactly that for you and your business. It lets you manage your business anywhere from around the globe through your mobile. It’s virtually bringing your business into your hands and handling it. You don’t have to be sitting behind your desk in your office to connect to your callers. Phone Business Mobile App lets you connect to your caller even when you are in a vacation or moving on a countryside road.

Phonology’s free Phono Business Softphone App exclusively brings you an offer to access you call directly from your laptop or PC. Some of the key features of your desk phone, such as call transfer and three­way calling can be easily achieved through this app. When used in conjunction with the Phono Business Desktop App, you’ll have access to even more of our phone system’s robust calling features.

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The success of your business is largely complimented by the fact that how smart you are.


We thrive on customer satisfaction and you can sense it all over Phonology.

PhonologyNetworking Mobility

Phono Business provides small to mid­sized businesses with the tools to help employees telecommute


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