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For the SMEs in India, which is a constantly growing sector, the needs and calling requirement are diverse just like their entities. Enterprise VoIP from Phonology is specifically designed for the SMEs which adds an extra dimension to their business solution and offer flexibility to connect and establish extensive flawless sessions.

At Phonology, we have developed solutions for any and every network topology. Our solutions can be integrated to Gateways to on­site Legacy PBX system and from MTA to any cloud based applications.

We have done complete BYOD solutions with interoperability testing done with leading telecom OEM PBXs. Hassle free SIP Trunk deployments with top security authentications like, User Digest, IP Authentication and Combo Authentications ( IP + Username ) for registration.

Phonology offers an array of unlimited monthly calling plan packages which you can choose from depending on your business requirement. Our enterprise VoIP packages are Pay as you Go services with standard telephony features like Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, 3 way Calling, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Blocking, Mobility, Extension dialing, Fax Over IP ­ FoIP and many more.

  Voicemail to Email
  3 way Calling
Call Waiting
  Caller ID
  Call Forwarding
  Call Blocking
Extension Dialling
Fax over IP

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