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It is an undeniable fact that, with the rapidly growing urbanization in today’s time, there is an unprecedented requirement for simple managed converged resources. Phonology is one of those organizations which keeps a realistic eye on the growing demands. Phonology offers FTTH & Triple Play services for apartments and large commercial complexes across the country.

FTTH or Triple Play by Phonology is efficient, economical and is a unified convergence of voice, data and video solutions. Offering all under one roof, it is a one stop solution offering super fast Internet, television and Voice solutions over a single Ethernet cable.

FTTH leverages the technology and multiple carriers, service providers and operators to one platform and unify them to single offering to end customers.

Over the period of last five years, there has been monumental changes in enterprise wireless LANs which effectively helped new age IT professionals to push the high­availability techniques to the network edge, closer to users than ever before. By overlapping RF coverage areas from WLAN access points, you could provision redundant links to users and increase availability. There were two ways to do this – deploy fat APs with intricately customized configurations or connect managed APs to multiple WLAN controllers in “salt­and­pepper” configurations.

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Phono Business provides small to mid­sized businesses with the tools to help employees telecommute


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