Phonology IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
is a leading Internet, Internet Telephonyand IPTV service
provider in India Phonology

Incorporated by MD Group in the IT capital of India, Bangalore, Phonology is a leading provider of Internet Telephony and VoIP services in the country. It is also the only licensed provider in Bangalore by the Department of Telecom, India.

Founded in the year 1959 by the visionary Shri Kanthilalji, MD Group instigated into entrepreneurship by venturing into textiles. Five decades later, MD Group today has its glowing presence in a multitudinous business spectrum, which includes Indigenous banking, FMCG Distribution, Real Estate, Jewelery Manufacturing & Internet & Telecom.

Phonology, the internet venture from MD Group is the end result of our unprecedented commitment to deliver products and processes which meets the current technology needs and serves as the way forward. Being diverse with perceptible presence in every expansion has been the focal point of MD Group since its existence.

Understanding the entities with all its different hues and colors, MD Group has its principal foundations set ahead to compliment the changing times. Envisioned to be the flag bearer of the new age enterprising, we thrive to deliver.

Phonology is vertical specialist and a leading provider of VoIP and IP Communications in India. We desire to connect millions over Internet Protocol, which in turn results in productive cost saving and gives them a substantial monetary advantage. As a complete Internet, Internet Telephony and VoIP solution provider, we work towards in building a network of subscribers all around the globe.

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VoIP the term coined in year 1999 stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Basically transmitting of voice communication over internet as data packets is called as VoIP.

The term SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. The underlying technology through which the Voice packets is carried is called as SIP.

Internet Protocol Phone (IP Phone) is a hardware instrument used to configure SIP and make VoIP calls.

IPPBX is a IP based PBX systems offering centralized management of trunks, extensions and basic calling features with unified console.

Softphone is PC Application or App used to configure the SIP Account and make VoIP Calls from Desktops, PC or any mobile devices.

SIP Trunk is a digital trunk configured to the SIP end point enabling the client premises equipment to connect with external providers.



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The success of your business is largely complimented by the fact that how smart you are.


We thrive on customer satisfaction and you can sense it all over Phonology.

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Phono Business provides small to mid­sized businesses with the tools to help employees telecommute


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