Phonology IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
is a leading Internet, Internet Telephonyand IPTV service
provider in India Phonology

       Phonology provides powerful, high quality Hosted PBX solution for cloud phone service. Through a virtual extension of our multi­tenant cloud telephone system, you can now have all the features of a large enterprise PBX systems.

       Your business otherwise would have been operating with limited resources, can now have access to a wider spectrum of essential and high end features like features like Extensions, Call Recording, Call Listening, Call Barging, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Conference Bridge, Integrated Voice Response System, Digital Reception, Extension Dialing, Visual Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, Ring Groups, Hunt Groups, Phone Book Integration, Instant Messaging, Chat and many more etc.

       What makes it an even better choice for you is that, all these extensive features come with zero upfront investments, zero maintenance, zero commitment but only simple monthly contracts.

Call Recording
  Call Listening
Call Barging
  Call Transfer
  Call Waiting
  Conference Bridge
Integrated Voice Response System
Digital Reception
Extension Dialing
Visual Email
Voicemail to Email
Ring Groups
Hunt Groups
Phonebook Integration
Instant Messaging

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PhonologyFeature Overview

The success of your business is largely complimented by the fact that how smart you are.


We thrive on customer satisfaction and you can sense it all over Phonology.

PhonologyNetworking Mobility

Phono Business provides small to mid­sized businesses with the tools to help employees telecommute


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