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Phonology headquartered in Bangalore the Silicon valley of India
was established in 2005 and is today a pioneer in the field of Internet, Internet Telephony, VoIP and Cloud Telephony Solutions. With more than a decade rich experience into the Internet & telecom Phonology has been a trusted partner for most of the fortune 500 companies in India for their telecom needs.

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Enterprise VoIP from Phonology is specifically designed for the SMB & Large Institutions. It helps customers Connect,Communicate and Colloborate enabling seamless communications across channels offering together best of Quality and Flexibility in VoIP Solutions

Phonology HOSTED

Phonology provides powerful, high quality Hosted PBX solution for cloud phone service. Through virtual extensions of our multi­tenant cloud telephony system, you can now enjoy all the features of a large enterprise PBX systems and connect your favorite third party applications to the telephony. 

Phonology UNIFIED

Unified Communications, as the name suggests, is a communication solution which unifies and let you connect and collaborate over one single system.

Worried about managing the physical and wired PRI / BRI / PSTN Lines? Gift your businesses, the SIP Trunks from Phonology and manage your communications hassle free and efficiently

Residential VoIP Solutions from Phonology are best suited for startups and small offices,flexible offering & plans from Phonology, your small business gets the best tools to expand.

No matter where you are, Mobile VoIP from Phonology makes it possible. Be it late office call or early client .

Call Centers and Contact Centers are backbones of any service industry today, with Call Center VoIP Solutions from Phonology your back offices are assured 24/7 business in continuity.

Why Customers Choose Phonology ?

Serving Customers since 15 years with the outstanding growth of Internet, innovation in communications has been the epicenter of communication solutions. With constant smart solutions, Phonology is not just a choice but a way customer communicates. Having helped more than 5000 companies, Phonology brings millions of dollars in savings to their customers and is preferred destination for all VoIP Solutions and Service needs.

Give your business the features it needs!!

Ever worried about not able to afford global powerful communication systems for your growing business? Phonology helps deliver feature rich communication solutions over VoIP and Internet at affordable prices.

Quality Solutions

You only get what you ask for, that’s right!! Every business wants to communicate effectively and efficiently, but with the raise in VoIP Service providers, quality is lost. Phonology delivers seamless communications over its strong backbone and global POPs around the world.

Round the Clock Support!!

Your office and projects work 24/7 and so do we. With Phonology your businesses and projects are rest assured & our customer support engineers are delighted to help and ensure your business never suffer due to bad communications.

No idea on VoIP?  Start here now.

VoIP the term coined in year 1999 stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Basically transmitting of voice communication over internet as data packets is called as VoIP.

Traditional lines use Copper wires for transmission of voice signals, unlike VoIP is latest and cost efficient way of transmitting the voice signals. VoIP helps delivering voice packets over Internet thereby reducing the cost to significant extent.

Calls made through traditional systems like Analog, PRI and Cellular are expensive. With Voice transmitted over the data, the cost of communication is reduced and thereby help reducing your telephone bills..

Conventional telephony solutions are limited to call and messaging. VoIP being next generation technology, is not just to make calls but is a complete communication system. Messaging, Mobility, Integration and many more are few macro features of VoIP.

VoIP today is backbone for any organization, with more business the need to communicate and collaborate is high. Below our pointers help you choose the right communication partner for your VoIP Solutions


Choose providers who offer guaranteed services, rather providers accepting calls and directing them to answering machines.


Voip been used for business, quality is prime and should be non-negotiable component. Choose providers with a strong backbone and global pops.


With VoIP being restricted telephony, laws of the land need to be appreciated. Choose providers who are compliant to provide VoIP services and do not fall for service providers claiming to ignore these laws and not adhering to government policies.

VoIP the term coined in year 1999 stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Basically transmitting of voice communication over internet as data packets is called as VoIP.

The term SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. The underlying technology through which the Voice packets is carried is called as SIP.

Internet Protocol Phone (IP Phone) is a hardware instrument used to configure SIP and make VoIP calls.

IPPBX is a IP based PBX systems offering centralized management of trunks, extensions and basic calling features with unified console.

Softphone is PC Application or App used to configure the SIP Account and make VoIP Calls from Desktops, PC or any mobile devices.

SIP Trunk is a digital trunk configured to the SIP end point enabling the client premises equipment to connect with external providers.

PhonologyFeature Overview

The success of your business is largely complimented by the fact that how smart you are.


We thrive on customer satisfaction and you can sense it all over Phonology.

PhonologyNetworking Mobility

Phono Business provides small to midĀ­sized businesses with the tools to help employees telecommute

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They Say

Praveen Prakash
Manager at prominent E-Learning and Online Course Agency.

Phonology has diverse solutions for every customer needs, their Unified Communication as Solution deployment has helped our diverse business requirements. UC has helped and improved our productivity 1000%.

Vinod Bhatta
Partner at International Auditing Firm

Phonology is been a right partner and their services have helped our business grow & deliver 100% output to our end customers.

Joseph George
Manager Operations of International Banking Firm

Phonology has helped us deliver smooth solutions to our onsite offices, we have never felt offshore to our main offices. Phonology helps us connect to every individual instantly on demand.

Navin Chandra
Project Manager at leading Software Development Firm

I personally recommend Phonology services, they enable me & my team to access to our International customers anywhere and anytime, we switched to Phonology and our entire workforce is truly mobile today.

Ananth Gowda
Manager India Operations at International Recruitment Agency

We are not just client to Phonology, they partner with us and ensure that the services run smoothly and from the time we have switched our services we never had to look back. Their commitment of business continuity and one hundred percent uptime with round the clock support is unmatchable.

IT manager at leading Healthcare BPO

With Phonology we are assured of 100% quality, consistency and complete solution. They always understand our business production and are available for immediate support round the clock. Definitely we recommend Phonology to other business enterprises.

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